Friday, February 23, 2007

Learn to Trade FOREX

Learn to Trade FOREX

Learn to Trade FOREX allows you to study at your own pace.Seven comprehensive lessons cover all of the essential information you need to trade the Forex market - from understanding currency quotes to calculating P&L, trading on margin, the basics of fundamental and technical analysis, and more.Along with the program, you'll have 60-day access to a practice trading account with $50,000 in virtual funds so you can apply lessons learned in a real-life environment on a sophisticated trading platform In addition, forex specialists are available to assist you 24 hours a day via the trading platform with any questions you may have along the way. Preview the course.

If you are not completely satisfied, simply contact us and we will be happy to give you a full refund for up to 15 days after you access the course.


My Lexus ES330

That's my new car! I bought it last year. Ok, fine, it's a year old. It's a Lexus ES330. My old car was a Lexus RX300. This time, I thought I would go back to driving a sedan.
I love driving a Lexus. This is my second Lexus car because I guess, I was pampered with luxury of my older RX300. I love that SUV. I love to drive it in the snow, in the rain and even driving long distance to Toronto, Canada!
I thought, I might have a culture shock going back to driving a sedan. Well, in the beginning it felt weird. Before, I have a nice view of the road, well not anymore. By you see, driving an ES330 is completely amazing!
It is luxurious without any hesitation! The ergonomics are excellent. Minimum of buttons and knobs; large and readable instruments; everything falls to hand. The supple cream leather is gorgeous. Real wood grows out of a handsome dash, set off by titanium accents.
Is it quick? Should be, thanks to the addition of more horses and more torque. And yes, the 2005 Lexus ES330 takes off like a sprinter's explosion from the starting blocks. The ES330 felt heavy, not helped by a transmission that sometimes was a tad slow in kicking down. In the curves the 2005 ES330 seemed to be nicely balanced but the lack of side support in the front bucket seats prevented an analysis. Wind and road noise go unnoticed as extra sound insulation plays its part, helping to make the ES330 quiet and comfortable. I did appreciate the Mercedes-like notched gearchange, enjoyed the responsive steering, was pleased with the tight turning circle. If only those seats offered more support I could be happy here.

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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Craigslist Scam Ad

I was on the internet today and I though I would look for a part time job to augment my income. So, I went to which was recommended to me by my friend and I thought I would respond to some ads. Here's the ad that I responded:

From: Chuva Lais
Subject: More Info Please
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2006 05:49:40 -0700 (PDT)

** Avoid: wiring money, cross-border deals, work-at-home
** Beware: cashier checks, money orders, escrow, shipping
** More Info:

Reply to:
Date: 2006-10-20, 10:13PM EDT

At home Data Entry Position, great opportunity for stay-at-home moms and dads, or anyone who wants to work in the comfort of their own home.

Requirements: you will need internet access, a valid email address, good typing skills and basic internet knowledge. You will be processing orders from your computer. How much you earn is up to you. The average salary is $300-$500 per week depending on if you are working full or part time. If you would like more information, please respond to this posting.

Ok.. A few minutes later, I got a response.
Here it is:

From: "Sarah Aucoin" Add to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
To: Chuva Lais
Subject: RE: More Info Please
Date: Sat, 21 Oct 2006 12:41:25 -0500


Thank you for your interest in the data entry position. Here is some more information about the job:


Work at home Pt/Ft
Work your own hours and days
Earn $300-$500 Per Week
Full Online Training

Basic Internet Knowledge
Good typing skills
Willingness to learn and set goals

We are seeking self motivated individuals with the desire to work with online advertising. You are required to have a computer with Internet
access, a valid e-mail account, and basic typing skills. You can choose to work full or part time with your own hours. The position will involve data input/completion by processing typed responses for advertisements placed online. Consistent agents process about 4 to 5 orders per day, and make approximately $300-$500 a week. Further inquiries on order/client matters will be explained in specific detail in the training manual. All transactions between client and agent will be processed through your e-mail account. There is no contract to sign with this job, and the amount you choose to process is entirely up to you. As with any job, you must be
able to respond to advertisements in a timely manner. The beauty of this position is that you can work at home, and have the potential to make a good amount of money.

You will be paid $10.00 to $20.00 for each order that you process. The amount of money you earn is entirely up to you, but please be advised that you will be responsible for keeping track of your earnings during tax season, as we do not take out any taxes or provide you with a 1099 form.

The training material you will receive will give you step-by-step instructions on how to get started. Once you receive your training materials, you may begin working immediately. There are no special software requirements for this position.

You will receive your payments through PayPal for each application that you process. There is a ONE TIME non-refundable fee of $15.00 USD. This covers the cost of your training material as well as initiation fees. Do not worry, once you process your first response, you will have made back this fee. Unfortunately the processing fee is necessary for our company, protecting from those who are not serious about doing this work. No business can cover administrative cost, wasted time or provide costly materials to everyone who inquires about this position. If this is not acceptable to you, or you cannot afford the cost, please disregard this e-mail. The training materials and information will be sent to your e-mail within 24 hours of payment, and you can then start immediately. If you do not have PayPal, you may go to to set up a free account. Send your payment through Paypal to the payment address to pay for your training materials and initiation fees. You may reference the same address if you are setting up your free account. After payment, you will receive your materials within 24 hours. If you do not, please e-mail me with your PayPal address so I can confirm receipt.


DID YOU JUST NOTICED THE FUCK SARAH HAS JUST SENT ME?! She wants me to send her $15USD non-refundable fee for some training materials she will send me. A WHAT NOW?!


Friday, October 20, 2006

The difference between a Man and a Woman

MAN versus WOMAN.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Makati's Finest

Can you imagine this story I picked up? And to think that he was simply demoted. What is this telling us? That it's ok to be a cop and a carnapper as long as you don't get caught? And even if you get caught, it's a very minimal punishment? UGH! What's to be learned? Yet, this is the Makati Police, who prides themselves like the New York's Finest.

Ok, so I mean, being a carnapper if you are a Makati Police is "JUSSSTTT FINE"... and wow, this is "Makati's Finest!"

Makati police chief demoted

For using a stolen vehicle, the acting chief of the Makati City Police was demoted one rank.

The National Police Commission, acting on a complaint by members of the Camarines Norte Provincial Traffic Management Office, found Superintendent Felipe Napoles Jr. guilty of grave dishonesty and unauthorized possession of stolen vehicle.

On January 25, 1999, traffic personnel coordinated with Provincial Director Superintendent Ireneo Manaois of Camarines Provincial Police Office to recover the stolen vehicle, a Mitsubishi L-300 van (EBD-309).

The van was discovered to be on the wanted motor vehicles list of the regional traffic management office in Legaspi City after its owners, New Touch Industries Inc. of Manga Avenue, Sampaloc, Manila, reported it stolen.

After his men determined the van to be stolen, Manaois ordered Napoles to produce the vehicle.

Investigators subsequently found that the engine and chassis numbers were tampered with. They also learned that Napoles registered the van’s plate number under his name.

In the summary dismissal proceedings, Napoles claimed he assembled the vehicle after PNP TMG District 5 issued the required clearance. He presented receipts to prove he bought the engine and chassis and then had the vehicle registered with the Land Transportation Office in his name.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Mistake?! 54 Civilians killed?

I woke up this morning and tuned it to CNN. It was surreal... the newscaster said..."If you are just joining us now, there are several development that is happening right now..." and then I see all these footage of a shelter bombed in Qana, Lebanon and all these protesters storming the UN building in Beirut.

"Israeli air attack kills 54 civilians, including 37 children, Israel: Strike was 'mistake'; Rice postpones Beirut visit"

Just how could you stomach this news?! Just how could you even make justifications that Israel is fighting Hezbollah when collateral damages like these are women and children?!

True, I also cannot stomach watching Israeli civilians hit by Katyusha rockets, but my heart goes to all the Lebanese children who are suffering from this crazy, unwanted and unjust war.

Israel, Israel! Israel! You have some precision guided missiles! You have the most advanced mapping technology that it's impossible to miss! How many more mistakes are you going to have? Ok! Ok! Ok! So Hezbollah fired some rockets in the vicinity! That's way too shallow a reason to kill those innocent civilians!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Salong bolas and salong guhits

Eto ang nakakatuwang news ngayong umaga. I have nothing against Iranians. After all.. EEEEEEHHHHH!!! Ang gagagwapoooo nila!!! I should know, I had about 4 very very good looking Iranian classmates in Manila, ok?!

But I find this news funny. It brings back memories during Marcos time. Di ba? Noon kasing panahon, they herded all these supposedly intelligent, well-educated Pinoy researchers with PhD's and what have you to improve the Filipino language. The members of the board pa nga comes from such well known schools as the University of the Philippines, etc. blah! blah! blah!

And the words that they came up with...are did you know?


Chair = Salung Pwet
Briefs or male underwear = Salong Bola
Panty or femail underwear = Salong Guhit

Ang galing di ba? Can you imagine us Pinoys out there talking to foreing professionals with all our salong guhit crap invented by some crazy PhD comprised board of duhhh?

We never heard about all these salong bola anymore because it was such a big comedy of some sorts at that time. Remember when we made Pilipino as the medium of instruction then? Ayun, nagkapalpak palpakan ang mga estudyante natin. Which is why we are back to all these All-English medium of instruction. Gone are all the salong bolas.

Which brings me back to this Iranian President.

Let me tell you Mr. President. We did that. It didn't work. HA HA HA Language evolves!!!

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has ordered government and cultural bodies to use modified Persian words to replaceforeign words that have crept into the language, such as "pizzas" which will now be known as "elastic loaves," state media reported Saturday.

The presidential decree, issued earlier this week, orders all governmental agencies, newspapers and publications to use words deemed more appropriate by the official language watchdog, the Farhangestan Zaban e Farsi, or Persian Academy, the Irna official news agency reported.

The academy has introduced more than 2,000 words as alternatives for some of the foreign words that have become commonly used in Iran, mostly from Western languages. The government is less sensitive about Arabic words, because the Quran is written in Arabic.

Among other changes, a "chat" will become a "short talk" and a "cabin" will be renamed a "small room," according
to official Web site of the academy.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Democracy in the Middle East?

But wait a second...

I'm not being anti-American here... nor being an anti-Israeli... but see, I thought the US wanted democracy to get a foothold in the Middle East, right?

That's what we wanted in Iraq. And then... well... there's civil war now...

That's what we wanted in Lebanon. And the Hezbollah won. But we don't want Hezbollah!

That's what we wanted in the Palestine. And the Hamas won. But we don't want Hamas!

Just what is it that we want?!

Do they really want democracy?

Can't we just leave them alone?

Disproportionate response according to John Bolton

"I like John Bolton's argument about proportionate and dis-proportionate response. Here it is..."

U.S. Ambassador John Bolton says that Israel has a right to defend itself against

"What Hezbollah has done is kidnap Israeli soldiers and rain rockets and mortar shells on innocent Israeli civilians. What Israel has done in response is act in self-defense. And I don't quite know what the argument about proportionate force means here. Is Israel entitled only to kidnap two Hezbollah operatives and fire a couple of rockets aimlessly into Lebanon?"

"The situation is that Israel has lived under the terrorist threat of Hezbollah for years, and these most recent attacks have given it the legitimate right, the same right America would have if we were attacked, to deal with the problem. And that's what they're doing."